Einbock Aerostar

Proven thousands of times around the world – the classic weeder AEROSTAR-CLASSIC has become an integral part of mechanical crop protection. For over 3 decades the weeder has continuously been developed and so it has become an excellent alternative for chemical weed control. The moving field sections of the AEROSTAR-CLASSIC adapt perfectly to the various soil conditions, regardless of the working width. This guarantees an optimum working result.

Einbock Aerostar Exact

With the AEROSTAR-EXACT it is possible to weed row-crops (such as maize, soybean, sun flower, field bean etc.) already at the cotyledon stage (the row is already visible with the naked eye. This is made possible by the precise depth control and especially by the accurate setting
options of aggressiveness.

Einbock Aerostar Rotation

The rotative weeder AEROSTAR-ROTATION combines the advantages of a tined weeder and a rotary hoe. The result is a rotative weeder with a very wide range of applications. The work is carried out by steel pins which are embedded in a plastic disc set at an angle. The individually suspended, rotating working tools uproot and shed weeds, promote the tillage of yield crops and break up even hard soil incrustations without any problems.

Einbock Chopstar Cultivator

The CHOPSTAR has 1 tine per hoeing element and can be used in row-crops with a row spacing of up to 30 cm / 11.80″, e.g. cereals, field beans, lupins, etc. Depending on the conditions and the aim of the hoeing pass, weeder tines mounted behind the element or different sweeps (such as ultra-flat) can be mounted on the front or rear hoeing machine.

Einbock Row Guard

The ROW-GUARD camera steering system steers the hoe with absolute precision along the crops via a sideshift frame. This guarantees precise and close work of the hoe even at high speeds and will relieve the driver. Even with very small plants (from approx. 2 cm / 0,80″) as well as in different colours or with heavy weeds, the ROW-GUARD camera steering in organic and conventional cultivation brings increased precision.

Einbock Pneumatic Star

The Einböck PNEUMATICSTAR is an optimal machine for sowing-in, subsequent sowing and sowing-under. The basis for the PNEUMATICSTAR is the tined weeder “Grass Manager”, on which the pneumatic seeder PNEUMATICBOX is mounted. The 6- row tine weeder sections, equipped with 7/490 tines, prepare the soil surface and create a good condition for the germination of the pneumatically brought-out seeds.

Einbock P-Box

The P-BOX-STI is a pneumatic airseeder with electrical quantity dosage. The user-friendly SPEED-TRONIC control unit regulates the seed quantity depending on the factual working speed. The necessary speed info can be obtained via several sensors or via the 7-pole signal socket of the tractor.

With the P-BOX-STI (and also with the P-BOX-MD) it is possible to seed all standard seeds and their mixtures up to a size of 5 mm. Depending on the seeding rate and working speed it can be set to anywhere from 1 kg to 300 kg per hectare by a simple adjustment.