Falc Fresa A

The Falc A series Rotary Hoes are available in cultivating widths from 3ft to 5ft, they are well suited to 15-30hp compact and garden tractors and are ideal for both the home and hobby farmer as well as the more professional user who simply requires a narrow width of cultivation in light duty conditions.

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Falc Bio Rotavator

The Falc Bio Rotavator is a Machine specifically designed for the destruction of grass and crop residues without the use of Chemical Herbicides. Suited for Tractors rated between 120 HP – 380 HP this is an ideal tool for any organic farmer for Primary or secondary tillage. Falc has created the Terminator “S” Type Rotor for mixing crop residues thoroughly and evenly to maximize the soil biology. Another new feature is the front and rear wheels added for additional depth control for shallow or deep incorporation.

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Falc Fresa BS Super

The Falc BS series Rotary Hoes provide a robust and versatile option for both hobby and professional farmers who require a general purpose, light to medium duty rotary hoe to suit a 50hp tractor. Working widths range from 3ft up to 5 ½ ft.

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Falc Fresa CS

Solidly built and designed for use by both hobby and professional farmers, the Falc CR series rotary hoe features a 70hp, two speed gearbox, chain side drive transmission and is ideal for use in market gardens, horticultural and viticultural applications. Available in working widths of 1.5m, 1.6m and 1.8m, the CR is a versatile, general purpose rotary hoe.

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Falc Fresa D

Whether you’re preparing ground after ploughing, burying crop residue or stubble, breaking up established pasture or simply forming a seedbed for planting your next crop, the Falc D series Rotary Hoe is the ideal tool. Robustly built and with a 100hp capacity gearbox, the D series is available in cultivating widths from 1.6m to 2.5m and with a range of options to provide extra versatility.

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Falc EL, FL, GL & GSL

With its 120hp rated gearbox, tough and reliable gear drive transmission and working widths of either 2.5m or 3.0m, the Falc EL series provides contractors and professional farmers with a dependable and versatile rotary hoe capable of preparing seedbeds, burying trash and residue, or incorporating fertilizer or manures into the soil.