Homburg Blizz

The Homburg Drain Cleaner Blizz is a reliable basic model, developed to give many years of low-maintenance drain pipe cleaning. Homburg Draincleaner Blizz effortlessly processes large volumes of water and features a low-pressure cleaner nozzle that makes cleaning drainage systems easier than ever. Homburg Draincleaner Blizz can be used on either side of the ditch and comes with a well set which is particularly useful for working in drainage wells.

Homburg Delta

Homburg Draincleaner Delta provides greater ease of operation. Compared to the Homburg Draincleaner Blizz the Delta version also offers hydraulically operated height adjustment, extension, retraction and folding of the drainage arm, and length adjustment of the guide arm.

Homburg Hurricane

Homburg Draincleaner Hurricane is the ultimate drain cleaner, which unites all the technical features of the Blizz and Delta and all the drain cleaner manufacturing experience of Homburg Holland. The machine of choice for the professional who settles for nothing but the best of what is currently available on the market.